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          My name is Emma McCarthy, I have a great eye for color, composition, and I have a passion for storytelling. My work is whimsical and can bring the magic in a story to life! I excel at making compact illustrations with a lot of small stories incorporated into the design. I make art that brings magic and wonder into the lives of others. I am a multi-medium artist and have experience in everything from digital art to clay mediums and woodworking. A large amount of my digital work resembles my passion for traditional work by bringing in textures and a great pop of color.


       I am an ambitious artist and once I get started on a project it’s hard for me to stop until it’s done right. I am always coming up with new creative solutions and better ideas to improve the message of the work as a whole. One of my most recent projects was a mural in an elevator and I spent over 70 hours working on it. I sketched, digitally perfected, mapped, chose color palettes and collected materials for this project. I painted over 175 square feet by myself on an active elevator. This experience was published in RIT’s news website as a part of the creative innovation and student experience categories. Overall this project allowed me to problem solve, manage my time and ultimately encouraged me to push for opportunities regardless of anything in my way. This is one of the best projects I have done and I am eager to carry this work ethic and passion over into my next project.




I'm always looking for new opportunities to create!  Send me an email and some project information:

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